Lawyer / CEO

Vincenc GRČAR

He graduated with honors in 1995 from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana within the Department of Criminal Law Sciences with the thesis “Criminal legal aspects of money laundering“. After completing his internship at the High Court in Ljubljana, he passed the state bar exam in 2005.


He is a co-founder of the Grčar Law Firm and works there as a lawyer and CEO. Before that, he was employed at the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for the Prevention of Money Laundering, and then in his own business company, where he worked as a legal consultant, and was also the director of the legal department at the large media company Pro Plus (which produces television programs POP TV, KANAL A, etc. .), and he also trained in two law firms. Besides that, he also participated in the European Association of Commercial Television (ACT). He was the president of the Advertising Tribunal of the Advertising Chamber of Slovenia (SOZ) and its member for several terms.


As a lecturer and as a listener, he participates in professional seminars and consultations organized by institutions such as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, various legal and media institutes at home and abroad. He was also a lecturer at the School of Journalism and Production in Electronic Media (POP Academy).Throughout his career in the field of media, he has been active in drafting media legislation (he was also a member of the expert group of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia) and in writing articles for Slovenian and foreign professional magazines (Pravna praksa, Medijska preža, Pravosodni bilten, Sled, IRIS). He is the co-author of the book “Media Law” (

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