Administrative law

Administrative law is one of the most varied areas of law, as it regulates practically all aspects of our lives (from obtaining personal documents, to issuing various permits, granting subsidies, scholarships, health care, complaints in the school environment, etc.) – it is about the management of society as a whole, where the individual is the weaker party in relation to the state or public administration, which is why our law firm helps clients in this area and offers them:

– advice and representation in all types of administrative proceedings and disputes (composition of lawsuits in administrative disputes, appeals against first-level administrative decisions of state and municipal bodies, schools, etc.)

– composition of applications, forms, initiatives and applications in the administrative procedure

– consulting and representation in procedures for obtaining permits (especially in the field of collective management of copyright and related rights), preparation of relevant applications and attachments, acts, etc.

– counseling and representation in misdemeanor proceedings