Copyright law

Copyright law regulates the area of ​​copyright and related rights held by performers, RTV organizations, film producers, producers of phonograms, etc., and also covers their collective management; given the prevalence of copyrighted works and other protected works (RTV broadcasts, phonograms, performances, databases, …) and their use, this is one of the most important legal areas, although as such it is often ignored – and it is precisely in this area that our law firm most often operates and offers customers:


– preparation of copyright contracts, film production contracts, international co-production contracts, copyright transfer contracts (e.g. for “screenplay purchase”, for literary adaptation, for film adaptation of literary works,…) – all also in English

– consulting and negotiations in concluding the mentioned contracts in the field of copyright law (all also in English)

– legal protection of copyrights and other intellectual property rights (preparation of lawsuits, requests for temporary injunctions,…)

– consulting in the drafting of regional legislation, assistance in the preparation of legislative proposals